Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Do I Earn Miles with Ticketmaster?

    Delta SkyMiles Member can earn miles by purchasing events tickets from each time, wherein Delta customers must verify and input SkyMiles Account number before being redirected to The name of the customer SkyMiles account needs to match the name of the Ticketmaster account on the purchase.
  2. If I Am Not Currently a Member of the Delta SkyMiles Program, How Do I Sign Up?

    You may complete an enrollment and become a SkyMiles Member here.
  3. Do I Have to Visit Every Time to Earn Miles?

    Yes. Earning miles is applicable only for Ticketmaster purchases that originated from Members need to visit this exclusive page and enter their SkyMiles number every time to be redirected to Ticketmaster and earn miles. SkyMiles Members who go directly to Ticketmaster without first visiting will not be eligible for miles.
  4. Do I Have to Do Anything on after Visiting From

    No. As long as you initiate your Ticketmaster purchase from after entering your SkyMiles account number, your purchase will be eligible for miles. It is important you accurately enter your SkyMiles account number to avoid any delays in receiving your miles.
  5. Does My Name in My SkyMiles Account Need to Match the Name in My Ticketmaster Account?

    Yes. The name on your SkyMiles account needs to match the name on your Ticketmaster account. SkyMiles Members can only earn miles for purchases made from their own Ticketmaster accounts.
  6. How Soon after I Purchase My Ticketmaster Tickets Will I See Miles Post to My Account?

    Miles can take up to 2 weeks after completion of your purchase to be credited to your SkyMiles account. If more than 2 weeks have passed since you completed your purchase and miles have not been posted to your account, please click here to request miles. To submit your request, select Request Refund or Miles > Mileage Credit > Partners > Complete the rest of the form and include a screenshot of your Ticketmaster purchase confirmation.
  7. Can I Request Mileage Credit for Purchases Made Directly with Ticketmaster?

    No. Earning miles with SkyMiles is exclusively for members who have first visited prior to making their Ticketmaster purchase.
  8. Which Ticketmaster Purchases Are Eligible for Miles?

    All ticket purchases for events in the US and Canada on (excluding purchases made or completed on affiliated sites linked-to from are eligible to earn miles. Miles are awarded based on the ticket price. Taxes, facility, service, parking, insurance and other fees are excluded from mileage credit.
  9. Is there a cap on the number of miles I can earn with Ticketmaster?

    Yes, As of October 1, 2019, Members can earn up to 2,500 base miles per month.